Talking about your job or studies

Person 1: Hi, what do you do for work or study?

Person 2: Hi, I’m currently a college student. I’m studying to be a nurse.

Person 1: That’s great, what made you decide to become a nurse?

Person 2: I’ve always been interested in healthcare and helping people. Being a nurse allows me to do that, and it’s a field that’s always in high demand.

Person 1: That’s true, and it’s a very noble profession. I work as a software developer. I develop computer programs and applications.

Person 2: That sounds interesting. I know that the field of technology is always growing and changing, so it must be challenging but also fun.

Person 1: Yes, it can be both challenging and rewarding. I enjoy the problem-solving aspect of it, and it’s always exciting to see the end result of my work.

Person 2: That’s great, it’s always good to find a career that you enjoy. Thanks for sharing.



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