Personal goals and aspirations

Person 1: Hi, what are some of your personal goals and aspirations?

Person 2: Hi, I have a few different goals and aspirations. One of my biggest goals is to advance in my career and become a manager in my company.

Person 1: That’s a great goal, how do you plan on achieving it?

Person 2: I plan on continuing to work hard and take on additional responsibilities, as well as networking and building relationships within the company. I also want to continue my education and obtain relevant certifications to enhance my skills and qualifications.

Person 1: That sounds like a solid plan. What other goals do you have?

Person 2: I also have personal goals such as learning a new language, traveling more, and working on my personal fitness and health.

Person 1: Those are all great goals, I think it’s important to have a balance of both professional and personal goals. How do you plan on achieving those goals?

Person 2: For learning a new language, I plan to take classes and practice regularly. For traveling more, I’ll be saving and planning my trips in advance. And for personal fitness and health, I’ll be setting specific goals and working with a trainer.



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