Basic capitalization

Capitalization is the use of uppercase letters at the beginning of words to indicate proper nouns, proper adjectives, and the first word of a sentence. It is a basic rule of grammar that helps to make written language clear and consistent.

Here are some examples of when capitalization should be used:

  • The first word of a sentence: “The dog barked at the mailman.”
  • Proper nouns: “John,” “New York,” “Monday”
  • Proper adjectives: “American,” “British,” “Christian”
  • Titles: “President,” “Doctor,” “Professor”
  • Names of specific places: “Mount Everest,” “Grand Canyon”
  • Names of specific buildings and monuments: “Eiffel Tower,” “Statue of Liberty”

It’s important to note that there are some exceptions to these rules, such as when a proper noun is used as a common noun. For example “I have a new honda”

To practice capitalization, you can try writing short sentences and paragraphs and adding capital letters to the appropriate words. You can also try identifying capitalization errors in more complex sentences and practice using them in context.

Remember that capitalization is an essential aspect of written English, and mastering it will help you to communicate more effectively and accurately. With practice, you’ll find that your ability to use capitalization correctly will improve, and you’ll be able to express yourself more clearly and precisely in writing.



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